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Can't fall asleep. I get this weird habit where I wake up late one day and never fall asleep until early in the morning the following day.

Later on, the pattern continues.

College sleeping schedules can really screw up your biological clock and I'm on summer break.

Additionally, I was bored and I posted this shit.
Sith America by GeneralFabaius75
Sith America
Here is another of one of my Sith America flags, but it's slightly more flashy than all the others. I also attribute RedRich1917 for the Sith hexagram.
The Sith Arrival: Chapter 3 is out. Chapter 4 will be out anywhere from June 14th - June 16th.

Also, as for how many chapters there will be...

Probably anywhere from 30-70.

Hiding in Russia - The Sith Arrival: 1951 A.D./151 A.B.Y.

By GeneralFabaius75

Chapter 2 - Part II: The Base

After the Conversation, then came the operation of observing a Russian city through a pilot droid

The purpose of a pilot droid was to monitor the environment of an alien society with constant analysis and synchronicity. The computing process for this was partially voluntary, whilst the pilot of the droid executed the major decisions that the body would make. As done before, Xgelia was keen on using pilot droid to survey cities on other alien worlds. As such, she was mimicking a NKVD officer in the city of Yakutsk. It was May, but the weather was incredibly cold in comparison to most other places on the planet, which was frigid at a temperature of 5 degrees celsius or 41 degrees fahrenheit. She was driving on a major road going through the downtown district of the city, while noticing the apparent rapid development of what was nothing more than a challenge to the secluded hinterland feeling of the entire land. She saw very few cars - mostly trucks and nothing more than an efficient network of trams running throughout the major arteries of the city.

Additionally, she also saw a large bronze statue of a dictator called Joseph Stalin who was the General Secretary of the present country that she was in. But in spite of all that, she kept moving through the city until she reached the intelligence office - situated in a large imposing building of Stalinist decor.

She parked on the road alongside the other cars and went inside to speak with the local commissar of that office. She noted that the office had a warm but slightly cold feeling to its atmosphere. It was certainly clean, but the entire place was the office of an agency that was used to sending political critics to forced labor camps. For in that case, the agency had the cold feeling while in existence with the feeling of warmth inside of it - all the same time.

Xgelia manipulated her way into the building in order to speak with the commissar. It was a rather easy manner.

Then she got to the top floor in order to hold the conversation within his office. She then entered in what was the most elegant room that fitted the Stalinist style. It was all filled with revolutionary propaganda showing the posters from the last war and it was modelled in the manner a classical loft would be crafted. Afterwards and after sitting herself down - in the presence of her human body wrapped with the black uniform of an NKVD lieutenant, she started to converse with the commissar who was rather effeminate looking - but only slightly so.

Her first words were, while speaking in Russian with the droid's auto-translator, "I came to see you in behalf of the progress were making with the forced labour camp nearby."

His words were, "The forced labour camp is making progress. Sure. But it will be only used as a means of serving the gulag system. We want to ensure it has working conditions effective for our needs in Moscow."

"It's mine of some sort. What is it used for?"

"The development of the region through gold and copper extraction. We get a commission for it and Stalin gives us the development of our city. But as for Moscow, the mining operation is used for something far more strange."

"And like what?"

"The development of some thermonuclear bomb. It's through the uranium mined there. But in relation to that, I have to say that Truman and the Yankees are quick to develop some thermonuclear device of their own. I think that the project is referred to as the Ivy Mike Project. At least I believe such a thing exists through various intel reports gathered by NATO information crossing into East Germany."

The words uranium and thermonuclear sparked a major curiosity in Xgelia who had underestimated the resource potential of the planet in her various reports to the Cabinet Council of the Prime Minister. If the planet had a vast amount of uranium, the empire could quickly use it to supply their puppet states in the northern section of the galaxy. Such words were a delightful thing to hear to the ambitious and aiming Sith Pureblood hiding within a human puppet.

She asked another question and said, "Where is the source of such uranium deposits."

For a second, the man initially hesitated but was then manipulated into saying so. He replied to the question of hers with, "Western Siberia. But on a global scale, Australia and Canada are the best places to have such quantities of that material."

Xgelia asked another question and said, "And where is the oil?"

"In the middle east. But Saudi Arabia is the best place to get a constant source of it."

"Is there any other place where the oil flows?"

"I've heard in Central Asia, there's quite a bit of it. As for that, other places of vast amounts of oil...? I would say that Canada has a fair bit of it."

"And what about gold?"

"South Africa, but Africa in general is an excellent place to get minerals like that."

Xgelia got out of her seat and paced around, while looking at the various novelties stored within the room. She walked up to a statue of a man, which was roughly 2 feet in height and held it up to look at the inscription. The inscription carved in bronze said while in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet, "Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - The founder and first leader of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R) and first leader of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (R.S.F.S.R.)."

She kept reading and she analyzed the lower part of the inscription, which said in smaller letters, "Vladimir Lenin was the founder of the Bolshevik Revolution, the General Secretary for the Bolsheviks in the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, and leader of our communist revolution. He was also the first General Secretary of the U.S.S.R. and the first man to found the principles of Marxist-Leninism. He died on January 21st 1924 and his corpse can be viewed in his mausoleum within the Moscow Kremlin."

Xgelia noticed that there was a sound of revolutionary music playing in the background. Her body analyzed that it was the L'Internationale,
which was a revolutionary song used by various left-wing movements throughout the history of the last half-century or so. She also noticed that the room was filled with propaganda. As such, she noticed a poster that said, "Long Live Stalin's Air Force." As usual, she tried to make an overall analysis of the room and came to the conclusion that it represented the struggle of a once backwards country that was trying to become modern through the radical force of totalitarianism.

Once more, she sat down with the man and said, "Is there anything to drink?"

"I have some Yankee American coffee."


As the man went inside the pantry to look for a coffee brewer. Xgelia contemplated the information she had just gained.


Chapter 3 will be an interesting chapter, since...

- There will be an interesting tight situation (not a sexual innuendo - rather a plot twist - only minor though)

Expect it by 12:00 A.M. - 2:30 P.M. tomorrow. 
 Background and Plot Overview

It is the year 2093 and the planet is under the rule of the Sith Empire, which is the resurrected empire from the Great Galactic War or post-hyperspace war era.

The empire rules with an iron fist, but in spite of this, it has brought a heavy amount of prosperity as well as security to the habitants of the planet that they have just recently subdued. For the last seven years of imperial occupation, the prosperity of the planet has allowed every citizen to become independent of old world era suffering. Poverty, world hunger, primitive prejudices related to sexism, homophobia, as well racism have ceased from the Terran psyche. It should be said that the Sith were using their iron fist in relation to the suppression of dissident groups for this reason. 

Furthermore, the planet has undergone an extensive amount of industrialization as well urbanization coupled with modernization in the once most backwards portions of its realm. Kenya for instance went from having a GDP per capita income of little less than $1,000 USD to a GDP per capita income roughly $28,750 in the seven years of being under imperial domination. However, it goes without saying that the empire brutally suppressed religion under its policy of secularization in the spheres of public as well as private life. The only religion that is acceptable would be the Sith Cults as well as irreligion - or the lack of any ideological-theological dogmatic belief system.

The capital of the Terran province of the Sith Empire is New York as well as Shanghai. These cities are also known for their opulence and it goes without saying that the empire increased their sizes in the direction of that suited the mass industrialization policy of the era. For example, the population of New York in 2086 was only 44 million, but the number increased to almost 175 million by the year 2093. Overall and in summation of all of this, the empire made sure that the cities of the planet were to be shinning light of urbanization and the two capitals were no stranger to this whatsoever. 

To add on about the economic system, their was a command economy that was based on the state-ownership of large monopolistic industries, while their was private ownership of much smaller industries. The system at large was largely left-wing as well as socialistic, but it was authoritarian. 

Also, the empire is ruled by the immortal Sith Empress Rhea - who is by definition the most powerful Sith lady in the galaxy or the galaxy of the Sith Empire. To put this in perspective, her abilities granted her the ability to easily fly as well as being able to destroy things on a massive scale such as cities or space stations the size of small moons. In addition, she was able to manipulate the emotions of every citizen to match her desires. In essence, the destiny of the galaxy presided in her hands as the god-empress of the galaxy.

Overall, this would be the background of the novel's plot as of yet. 


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I'm just your average Deviantart artist who uploads this and that every other day or every other week. Personally, I'm an elitist (sorry Glenn Beck) and I feel the need to learn, discover, and enlighten. I also have a deep respect for those who try to self-improve rather than conforming to the factory produced pop-culture (if there is a forum that's the complete opposite of Reddit and Deviantart it would be, which is a subset of the pop culture and the in-crowd dictatorship). Additionally, I admire anything that goes against boring and moralizing culture, though I don't post work that is usually controversial. However, I admire goths and I admire the Sith. Overall, I like and admire anything that is interesting and I post art.

Political Views (I'm working on that):

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